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Winter Solstice

A beautiful ritual to rejuvenate your soul!
You can do this on your own or with friends! Plan to do this in the evening to be in alignment with the sunset.

Winter Solstice lands on December 21 each year. It marks the day of the year that has the longest night and least amount of daylight hours. Ancient cultures view it as time of death and rebirth, therefore making it a perfect time for a powerful ritual letting go of the old and calling in the new.

Here is what you'll need:


-pen and paper

- sage or other cleansing smudge

-an open mind & heart

1. Light a candle and recite a prayer:

"As the sun spirals its longest dance, Cleanse us.

As nature shows bounty and fertility, Bless us.

Let all things live with loving intent, and to fulfil their truest destiny."

You may wish to burn the sage at this point, clearing away old energy and making space for the new.

2. Give thanks:

Focus in on the joys of your life and write down the things you are grateful for from the past year. What is going right in your life? Where can you offer up some gratitude!? Say these things out loud.

3. Let go:

 Think of things you wish to let go of in the upcoming season. You may wish to re-count the year gone by and make a list of the things that didn't work for you. Write these down on paper. Think of all the lessons learned from any hardships, and give thanks for their guidance and their attempt at protecting you, affirming you are ready to let these go in order to grow and move on.

These are going to be cleansed from your spirit, so be honest, no one is judging. 

When you are ready, focusing on letting go, burn the piece of paper. (Please ensure you have somewhere safe to put the piece of paper, like a coffee tin or fireplace!)

4. Set new intentions: 

What do you want to cultivate in the new season? Take time to "plant" these seeds and ideas into the universe. Write these down in your journal so you can refer to them in the future.

5. Watch the sunset:

Thinking of your new intentions, give thanks for the moment.

You may wish to recite:

"Let the Winter Solstice celebration be an occasion to let go of what is not flowing in my life, to find gratitude for all the things that are, and to find peace in the moment just as it is. Allow me to make the space needed to cultivate the seeds just planted. I give thanks. Amen."

Optional Activities: 

  • If you are celebrating with friends, enjoy a nice, hearty meal together. Stew is a great option full of vegetables grown in the earth.

  • You may wish to share your lists of gratitude and letting go with each other. Passing along your well-wishes to one another in the coming year is another beautiful share as well.

  • You may wish to create a vision board of the things you want to cultivate in the next year

  • Making a wreathe with evergreens and collected items from nature represents a continuity of life, protection and prosperity in the coming year.

If you do decide to celebrate Winter Solstice, share with us how your celebration went on Instagram using the hashtag #inbloomwellness!