The Chakras 101

Learn all about our colourful energy centres and what you can do to keep your energy flowing optimally!


What are The Chakras

The Chakras represent our body’s energy centres, which correspond to specific nerves and organs. 

There are seven main chakras, and you can think of them as wheels stacked in a column of energy running from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. They have a strong effect upon our bodies and influence the way we live.

Each chakra runs different elements of our lives from our survival programs, to our sexual programs, to the way we think and feel. Similar to flowers, our chakras can be open or closed depending on your state of consciousness. This openness or closeness dictates the way we take in information and how we behave. 

Just as emotions can affect our breathing, heart rate, and metabolism, the activities of the chakras influence our hormones, body shape, physical ailments, thoughts, and behaviour.

To function optimally, chakras need to stay open and balanced. If they get blocked, you may experience physical ailments or emotional stress.

Do you ever find yourself repeating similar patterns? This could be one or more chakras which is out of alignment. This keeps us stuck at a particular level,  maybe in a relationship, or way of thinking, a job, or a habit.

If we work to understand our chakras, we then become more aware of how we can heal ourselves of old constricting patterns stuck in our mind, body or habitual behaviour.

Download the PDF below to learn more about each individual chakra!