Goodness for your soul.

These resources are all about taking care of your inner being.

Learning when and how to recharge, let go, and, honour feelings are all things we can do for ourselves in order to vibe high.

What do I mean about vibing high? Living with love and acceptance, and positive intention for all.

Learn about meditation, energy healing, moving intently with the moon, and how to do a cleansing ceremony to help you let go.

Reiki 101

Jesus and Buddha weren't the only energy healers! Don't let that intro stop you from exploring.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses a variation of hand techniques. It helps a person with their emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, improving energy flow in and around the body.

It’s very relaxing and helps to relieve emotional and physical stress and goes hand in hand with healing our chakras.

Read more about it on the PDF below!

The Chakras

The beautiful colours of the rainbow represent our 7 Chakras, aka our internal energy centers. We can's see them, but they play a huge part on how we vibe day-to-day, physically and emotionally.

Think of them as a column of stacked wheels running from the base of the spine to the top of the head, each representing a different area of our lives.

They function optimally when they are open and balanced. 

Below, we've linked more information about the chakras so you can learn how to keep them functioning at their best! 

Fire Ceremony

Fire allows for rapid transformation providing an avenue to let go of old stories, belief systems and drama. Through this fire ceremony you place anything you wish to let go of into the fire turning them over to Spirit. By releasing old patterns you allow yourself to heal at a deep level of the soul. You will feel renewed and reborn!

This ceremony is fantastic to do the night of a new or full moon!

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The Phases of the Moon

The moon is a mysterious thing… or satellite if you wanna get technical. Some believe in the mystical ways of the moon, like how it affects our mood and behaviour. Others think it’s rubbish. But we must ponder: if the moon affects the tide, and our bodies are made up of 60% water, then how could it not affect the we act?

We take a closer look at the phases of the moon, what each phase means, how they affect us, and what you could do to take action!

Check out the PDF for more!

phases of the moon, one step at a time.


Meditation Series

Meditation is a tool that's accessible to all of us! It helps us slow down the brain, check in with our bodies and increase our energy.

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not just "sitting in silence listening to your head run wild." Rather, it will empower you with the awareness to allow these thoughts to simply pass you by as you give time to focus your mind, body and soul into the present moment.