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Resetting your body after a night of indulgence

‘Tis the season for overeating. There’s no need to beat yourself up for doing it, so you might as well accept it because adding on guilt will just make you feel heavier.

Now that we got that out of the way…..! Here are some tips you can try to feel better in your body the day after overindulging in festive food and treats.

First and foremost, do not fast. According to an article on Forbes.com, “Fasting after binging raises the risk of triggering a binging-fasting cycle. Fasting can make you more hungry so that you subsequently overeat. Also, fasting could alter your metabolism so that you do not burn as many calories as you normally would, since fasting may make the body think that it should conserve energy.”

The best course of action is to get back to your regular, healthy diet while being a little more mindful about food choice and portion size.

Try this:

  • Eat small meals throughout the day. This will regulate your body’s metabolism.

  • Reduce how much you eat over the next few days, being extra mindful to stop eating when you are full. Be careful however as making drastic cuts could lead to overeating again.

  • Move around and get active, exercise is such great medicine!

  • Drink lots of water as this will help boost your energy, and flush out the salt and sugar from the night before.

What to eat:

  • Smoothies are good and easy to digest!

  • Go for potassium-rich foods like: bananas, spinach, avocado, salmon.

  • Choosing to eat naturally sweetened foods like fruit will help you bounce back from a sugar crash. Eating a lot of sugar causes us to crave it more since it is a drug.

  • Probiotics are our friend. Try: yogurt, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, or sauerkraut the next day.

  • Protein-rich foods are great for making you feel full. Try: eggs, Greek yogurt, beef, chicken, tuna, or lentils.

  • Fibre-rich foods like whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds can kick-start your digestion. (Stick to 25-30 grams for women and pair this with lots of water.)

  • Green tea can help fight off the inflammation caused by too much sugar.

  • Ginger and peppermint teas can alleviate bloating, gas and nausea

This holiday season, definitely take time to enjoy, but also remember to care for your body. Nurturing your body with healthy fluids and foods is one of the best ways to show yourself la little love and respect.






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