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How to stay fit over the holidays

'Tis the season for over indulging, so I asked Toronto health and wellness coach, Angie Robinson, for her advice on staying fit over the holidays. Among her advice, she says the “all or nothing” mindset doesn’t work, and moderation is key.

Here are Angie's six ways to stay fit over the holidays!

1. Be mindful of calories in alcoholic drinks

Rum and eggnog is delicious, but one regular glass of this equals about 700 calories. Yikes! So imagine having three everyday over the holidays, and wondering how you gained five pounds in a week.

Try this recipe instead, it drops the calories more than half:

- 1/2 cup egg nog

- 1 cup of almondmilk

- 1.5oz of spiced rum

- A sprinkle of cinnamon

2. Reward yourself with fun activities!

Reward yourself with enjoyable activities rather than gorging on food all day. Get outside for a walk, run, or cross country ski! Have fun doing outdoor activities and make new, healthy holiday traditions.

3. Buy yourself a new outfit!

Buy yourself a great new outfit that motivates you for the new year to stay active and keep the body and healthy that you want, a simple reminder of your priorities to yourself.

4. Be self aware

Don't fall prey to bad decision making and be influenced by people who are not on the health and fitness train. You don't have to ride along.

5. Make a list

Make a to-do list for your day, exercise early in the day and get enough sleep. This will start your day off with success and control

6. Indulge for the night

Enjoy the food and desserts for the night, but don't make unhealthy choices a habit for the rest of the season. Now's the time to indulge for the night because you've been putting in the hard work, right?!

Angie offers one-on-one personal training in the High Park area and Downtown Toronto, as well as virtual personal training. If you're interested in training with her, email: Fitnessmadefun@hotmail.com or check out her Instagram page.

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